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Whether you have been struggling with addiction for a decade or have just realized that you are dependent on a substance, you will need focused, structured, customized, and comprehensive treatment to overcome your condition. Back to Life Center is ready to provide that kind of treatment for yourself, or a loved one that is struggling wi9th the plight of addiction. Before you can overcome the addiction, you will need to admit to yourself and others that you have a problem you can’t control nor overcome on your own. This is a part of the process and is nothing to be ashamed of. Eliminating denial is perhaps the first crucial step in a lifetime of sobriety.



Back to Life drug rehab centers work tirelessly to not only treat the physical dependence, but the mental associations that last long after you have left our treatment center.



Back to Life Center and our vast network of substance abuse treatment centers is waiting for your call.


Supervised Detox

We have trained professional to help guide you during this difficult phase.

Individual and Group Therapy

We have one-on-one sessions as well as group therapy to find the root of the addiction.


Your road to recovery doesn’t end when you leave. We build a community you can rely on outside the facility.

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