For those struggling with drug addiction, we at Back to Life drug rehab centers know how you feel. It is a destructive and debilitating chronic disease that requires focused, structured yet customized and comprehensive treatment. To break free, you need to help of our addiction specialists in one of our addiction treatment facilities. You don’t have to struggle through this plight on your own, call Back to Life to get started on the following today.

We see addiction as a very serious issue in today society. We want to be an advocate in the fight against drug use.


Back to Life Center is dedicated to helping those in need of structured and focused treatment that is designed around you and your needs. We aim to treat as many people as possible without allowing the treatment for any of our clients to suffer. Committed to providing the most effective treatment with the utmost care and compassion, Back to Life Center is one of the premier networks of drug rehab centers in the country.


Imagine a world where everyone that needs treatment for their condition receives the care and support they need. That is what we see for the future, and actively pursue it by treating as many people as possible with the most effective treatment. Addiction is not a moral failing, or a lack of willpower, it is a chronic brain disease that is out of your control. Addiction is a disorder that you cannot treat on your own. You need professional and customized treatment that is based around your needs.


Back to Life Center values our clients health and sobriety over all things. We are completely focused on making sure you get rid of your physical dependence and have the chance to move on with your life. Clients come first at Back to Life, and it will always be that way. Everything is customized in such a way that you are in control of your destiny if it aligns with what is truly best for you and your endeavor to overcome addiction.


detox services

After you have fully admitted to yourself that you have a problem you can’t control nor overcome on your own, you will begin professionally managed and supervised detox. While your body goes through the process of eliminating all traces of the harmful chemicals that have been keeping you physically dependent, you will need to be monitored carefully to ensure that you get through the process as safely, comfortably, and efficiently as possible. You will likely go through some pretty unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, but with the help of our trained, experienced, and compassionate detox specialists, you will be on your way to recovery with a fully sustainable detox.


Lastly, as you go to leave one of our substance abuse treatment facilities, you will leave with your altered addiction program that will be the basis for aftercare and beyond. The plan is the sum of your comprehensive program crafted with counselors at the beginning of treatment and will be the foolproof methods for enabling you to overcome addiction. It will provide support, guidance, and the resources necessary to overcome addiction indefinitely.

dual diagnosis

You will first work with a counselor to start sessions and begin creating a comprehensive and customized addiction treatment program that will help you through the process with the proper guidance. This will include dual diagnosis mental health screening in order to determine who requires treatment for a coexisting disorder in addition to the addiction. Whatever the root cause of the problem is, it will be accurately and effectively treated to make sure you have everything you need to overcome your dependence.


comfortable amenities

We take pride in providing a safe comfortable area where you could fight off your addiction. Our professionally train staff is here 24/7 for any issues you may be having. We want this journey to be simple for you. 

group therapy

In group sessions, you will have the chance to share your struggles, listen to the similar stories of others, and exchange invaluable and insightful advice with everyone in the group. You will be able to realize that you are not alone in this disease, and the help, guidance, and support are around every corner. The empathy you will have for others will only strengthen your own recovery. This is perhaps the most crucial and beneficial technique in treatment. The bonds and things you learn from the people you bond with will likely stay with you long after you have left a Back to Life addiction recovery center.  

holistic care

At Back to Life Center, we take a holistic approach to drug treatment. Our facilities offer activities like yoga and meditation. We believe that addiction recovery must be correct all aspect of your life which includes your mind, body, and soul. 

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