Making your way through life when you are neck deep in the swamp of drug abuse is brutal. Your decision-making ability constantly erodes as you fall deeper into drug abuse. The things that should matter — like your family, friends, relationships, and career — start to become unimportant. Before long, getting your fix is the only thing that you care about any more. If you are sick of living from one fix to the next, come to our the Back to Life Center in Tempe, Arizona. At our drug rehab facility, you can start your sober life.


Detox the Right Way


One of the best things you can do to ensure that you make it through recovery is to make the experience of withdrawal as manageable as possible. When you come to our addiction treatment center in Tempe, Arizona, we will provide you with supervised detox. You will be watched closely and made as comfortable as possible while your body detoxes. Start your rehab off the right way by coming to our drug detox clinic.


Creating the Right Addiction Treatment Program


It is essential that you find the right addiction recovery program to meet your unique needs for treatment. Inside our Tempe, Arizona addiction recovery center, you will have access to a broad range of treatment options that will be used to tailor your ideal addiction recovery program. Our top-notch rehab staff monitors your progress, and we will make whatever modifications necessary to ensure that your rehab experience is successful.


Dual Diagnosis and Treatment


One of the most crucial services that drug rehab centers need to provide is mental health treatment. Most people who fight drug addiction also battle mental health issues as well. Without proper treatment for mental health problems, it is impossible to ensure a successful recovery. Untreated mental health issues will inevitably lead to a relapse somewhere down the road. At the Back to Life Center, our addiction recovery center in Tempe, Arizona, we provide a dual diagnosis rehab experience where all our clients receive the mental health treatment they need to achieve a lasting addiction recovery.


A Safe Rehab Space


At our Tempe, Arizona addiction treatment facility, we take safety extremely seriously. We know that our clients need to feel secure if they are to make good progress through rehab. Unless you feel safe, you will not feel the comfort level you need to truly open up and share the way you need to during your treatment. Our staff works hard to ensure that all our clients always feel safe.


The Importance of Group Therapy


Group therapy lies at the heart of the addiction recovery experience. At our substance abuse treatment facility in Tempe, Arizona, you will find the most amazing group therapy during your recovery program. Our group leaders are experts at steering the group discussion along the right path, ensuring that everyone gets an equal chance to participate. In your group sessions, you will develop the knowledge, strength, and belief in yourself, so that you will have what you need to get sober and stay that way.


Aftercare You Can Count On


When you leave the security of our drug rehab facility in Tempe, Arizona, it is only natural that out will feel a little anxious or afraid. You are about to be faced with a load of stress and temptations. With the help of our amazing aftercare program, you will be able to navigate your way into a new life of sobriety and joy. The aftercare we provide gives you the support you need to avoid relapsing as you make the challenging transition from rehab to the outside world.


When you are ready, we are here. Your ideal rehab experience waits inside our Tempe, Arizona addiction recovery facility. With our wonderful facilities and supportive staff, you will have access to everything you need to make your journey from the fog of drug abuse into the warm sunshine of sober living. When you are sober and experience the life you were meant to enjoy, you will know that going to rehab was the best decision you ever made.


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