When you make the decision to seek help in conquering an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s best to enroll at our Hermiston, Oregon addiction recovery program right away. At Back to Life Center drug detox clinic, we provide an addiction recovery program that is customized to the needs of every individual. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional care at our substance abuse treatment facility.


Monitored Detox

When you enter our Hermiston, Oregon addiction treatment center, you’ll go through supervised detox. This is a period of time when all of the toxins left behind by drugs or alcohol will leave your body. At Back to Life Center, we monitor you as you move through detox while providing encouragement. Our staff understands the challenges of detox, so we’re there to support you. In short, you do not go through the detox process alone. After detox is complete and you can think clearly, you’re ready for the work of getting well.



A team of professionals who run our Hermiston, Oregon addiction recovery center will evaluate each client as they enter our facility. The client’s personal issues, the details of their addiction, mental condition, and more are all factored into that evaluation. A thorough evaluation allows our professional counselors to form a customized treatment program. An individualized treatment program is essential because there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment plan for every person.



Group and individual therapy are just two examples of the treatment you are provided with at Back to Life Center addiction recovery facility. Some clients receive a combination of both. Under the guidance of an experienced counselor, you have the opportunity to work through the issues that led to your addiction.


An experienced team of counselors understands what leads to addiction. More importantly, they know what steps to take to help someone who has become addicted to drugs or alcohol. A professional can help you see events more clearly and give you valuable coping techniques to use when difficult situations arise. Plus, in group therapy, you can benefit from the support and encouragement of others at our Hermiston, Oregon addiction treatment facility who are there with similar recovery goals as yourself. A knowledgeable group of understanding staff members is also necessary element in a substance abuse treatment facility.



Our Hermiston, Oregon drug rehab center provides all of our clients with aftercare. This serves as a way to show clients they are still supported even after they move from the our treatment facility back to the real world. One client may talk with a counselor a couple times a week via telephone about the events and successes in their life, while another may go to outpatient therapy once a week to meet with a counselor and others who have graduated from treatment. Having that support is essential for many clients who are hesitant about how their lives will be outside the addiction treatment center. They are comforted knowing that the professionals at our treatment center are dedicated to seeing them succeed.


Achieving long-term recovery is best achieved with the help of professionals who understand addiction. Our drug rehab center in Hermiston, Oregon has all of the necessary elements to help you toward a better life without the need for alcohol or drugs. Contact our welcoming professional staff today.


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